Women's Health Tea


This organic herbal tea was created to heal my body after my miscarriage during the COVID-19 quarantine. I’m grateful to share it with all of you.

– Ellen 

100% Organic.

Red Clover Blossoms. Red Raspberry Leaf. Nettle Leaf. Scullcap. Cassia Cinnamon Chips. Hawthorne Berries. Chrysanthemum Blossoms. Stevia Leaf. 

A Moment of Connection with Your Body…

Sip slowly. Close your eyes and imagine drinking in love, letting your body soak it all in. Send gratitude to your body for its wisdom – it has carried you so far.


Red clover blossom: Reduces PMS + menopause symptoms

Red Raspberry Leaf: Aids menstruation. Reduces cramps. Balances hormones. 

Nettle Leaf: Aids urinary tract health.

Scullcap: Boosts mood + reduces stress.

Cassia Cinnamon Chips: Boosts immunity + Reduces PMS symptoms.

Hawthorne Berries: Anti-inflammatory. Aids heart health.

Chrysanthemum Blossoms: Anti-inflammatory. Calming.

Stevia Leaf: Controls blood sugar levels.


Available in a 2.5oz jar and 2.5oz refill bag. Makes an average of 35 cups.

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