We Are All Daughters

BATH Ritual Box

$69.75 $93

A ritual box to honor your body, opening your heart and releasing tension. Show your love and compassion by giving the thoughtful gift of soul-care.

Purify in Pink Therapeutic Bath Soak

Magnesium flakes. Dead Sea salt. Himalayan salt. Pink kaolin clay. Rose petals. Organic essential oil blend.

Benefits: Reduces inflammation. Draws out toxins and heavy metals. Relieves stress and fatigue. Improves circulation. Balances electrolyte levels. Promotes deep rest and cell renewal. Moisturizes.

Sun Kiss Organic Body Oil

Organic Sunflower Oil infused with Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, Plantain Leaf

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory. Heals wounds. Soothes irritation. Helps retain moisture. Reduces acne blemishes, redness and hyperpigmentation. Soothes irritation and eczema. Promotes collagen production for elasticity. Reduces scarring.

Ignite. Aromatherapy Candle

Lavender rose. Vetiver. Cardamon rose. Geranium. Patchouli. Bergamot pepper. Organic essential oils and natural fragrance oils. 

Benefits: Boosts mood, excitement and desire. Promotes emotional balance. Reduces stress and anxiety.

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