Woo Knew?

After burning out from our careers in digital advertising and marketing, we began to slowly awaken to how disconnected we had become from our bodies and intuition. As with all gifts from the Universe, our healing journeys unexpectedly unfolded through the vehicle of building We Are All Daughters. Through this process, we were thrown all kinds of challenges that revealed the deep programming we each had been imprisoned by and ways in which we had forfeited our personal power. 

Along with these challenges came opportunities to learn about different healing modalities that we had never been exposed to. We found ourselves falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of holistic healing, shamanic practices, Ancestral healing, psychedelic medicines, divination, energy therapies, meditation, spirituality, Quantum Physics, and consciousness. Through this exploration, we were healing as we forged a deeper relationship with our Bodies, the Earth, and all the energies in the Seen and Unseen worlds. We started to remember who we are, what our gifts are, and how to use them to support the Collective in increasingly more meaningful ways. 

Our journeys have been so transformative that we created Woo Knew? to inspire YOU to get curious about the magic within our Universe and to remember the infinite powerful creator that you are.

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Be Featured on Woo Knew?

We are always grateful and excited to meet other practitioners and facilitators who want to share their personal stories of transformation, their healing gifts and perspectives with our community.

We aren't interested in gurus or self-described "experts." We are interested in teachers who are also students that believe we are all walking together, sharing the responsibility of learning from each other every moment.

We strongly believe in platforming the often drowned-out, marginalized voices of facilitators and practitioners from the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.

If you are interested in being a guest on Woo Knew? please email us at...