12/18 – COLD MOON, 2P pt /5P et (2 h)

Last Moon Circle of 2021! We welcome the Full Moon in Gemini. Registration begins soon – save the date/time.

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Monday 12/20  – BREATHE CANNABIS, 5P pt / 8P et (2h)

These 2-hour Cannabis-guided Breathwork Journeys take you deep into Quantum spaces and realities. We will ground and connect our energies, partake in an intentional imbibing ceremony, then lay down to breathe in a safe, comfortable space with headphones. Each journey will also conclude with a short live Alchemy Crystal Bowl soundbath.






psychedelics disclaimer

We believe that plant medicine should be accessible and affordable to all, however until Psilocybin is legalized we hold this space to share and educate only. We do not provide or supply Psilocybin products, nor do we claim to be experts in the area of psychedelics. Anyone considering trying psychedelics should consult with their doctors prior to beginning a protocol or macrodosing. We cannot diagnose, cure, or treat any issues, physical or emotional, that may arise during a protocol or a macrodose, nor can We Are All Daughters be held liable if any issues should arise. Any information shared here cannot be used as a diagnosis, cure or prescription of any kind. Anyone in the We Are All Daughters community who chooses to work with psychedelics takes sole responsibility for their experiences, and doing so, agrees that they understand and take full responsibility for the risks and liabilities.