Get Lit

We are excited to announce our Patreon membership circle – Get Lit.

This circle is the culmination of the last four years of our journey in self-healing and learning how to surrender and trust the Universe to guide us where we are called to go and how we are called to serve.

We believe healing is about the journey back home to ourselves. As we bravely journey into quantum spaces, we slough off the layers of conditioned beliefs and defensive armor that keep us dim and dull, small and silent, fearfully hiding our true light and voice.

In these journeys, we liberate ourselves from the stories that limit us. As we begin to face and transmute our traumas and fears, we begin to live and create from a space of love. We begin to shine brighter. And our growing luminosity invites others to shine brighter, too.


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samantha williams, energy therapist

Integrative Energy Therapy

We are in relationship to everything in the Universe, the Seen and Unseen, whether we’re aware of it or not. I believe Integrative Energy Healing is about creating safe space to openly receive the wisdom and insight that comes from integrating our experiences in the world and healing our energy bodies. Through the process of learning to communicate with our bodies and work with our emotions, we’re able to deepen our relationships to everything that exists, both the Seen and Unseen. 


Ellen Wong, Journey Guide

Journey Work

Journey work blasts us into Quantum spaces to access emotions, memories and belief patterns that often reside behind a locked door in our conscious waking states.


Earth medicine

Psychedelic Healing

Psychedelics have played a major role in both of our healing journeys. Through both microdosing and macrodosing, we have fired up new neural pathways and experienced deep, profound peak experiences that have transformed our relationships to Self, to all Beings, to Earth, to the Cosmos, and the Quantum Field of energy that connects us all.