Samantha's Journey.

Learning to work with energy has transformed my life because it’s so much more than a healing modality, it’s a lifestyle. 

After a little more than 10 years in Digital Marketing, I made the decision to leave my career in pursuit of a better way of life fueled by passion and purpose. A decade of carrying the stress and anxiety of the corporate world weighed on me heavily and by the time I left, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. As a defense mechanism for not having the knowledge or the tools I needed to create the balanced, healthy life I needed, my body shut down and over time my spirit detached from my body. My legs were almost completely numb, I couldn’t keep weight on and I was constantly sick. These issues used to cause me a great deal of frustration for inhibiting my ability to “achieve,” but looking back I can see they were all messages from my body crying out for help.

And in Spring of 2018, Ellen and I decided to create a women’s self-care brand to help other women in similar positions build resilience and self-worth so they could avoid burning out the way we did. Our focus at first was simple: we just wanted to feel better. We had no idea where to start, and at the time, I had no idea how much healing I needed. But slowly, through incorporating new tools and techniques into our lives to help combat stress and sleep better, we realized there was so much we didn’t know and our personal healing journeys were just beginning. 

After adopting a daily meditation practice, opportunities to try new healing modalities started to appear and it was not long before Ellen found Breathwork and I found Reiki. My first experience with Reiki was incredibly exciting and ignited my curiosity about healing with energy therapy. But it wasn’t until almost a year later that the Reiki found me again—and this time I was ready. I decided to become a Certified Reiki Master and started my energy healing practice @CatalyzeYourCurrent . Reiki brought me back into my body and gave me the tools I needed to create the balanced, fulfilled life I have always been seeking, and inspired me to share the gift of energy therapy to help others heal. Learning to work with energy has transformed my life because it’s so much more than a healing modality, it’s a lifestyle. And since then, my journey with Reiki has opened doors to new experiences that have expanded and deepened my relationship to energy, my body and my soul. I got my certification in Chakra Reading and Healing, and I’m currently training to become a Certified Channel as well.

At the same time we were called to start our own healing practices, we began exploring other healing modalities that have not only enhanced our personal journeys, they’ve also inspired the products and rituals we offer through Daughters. And over time, we realized that our mission with Daughters is so much bigger than helping women to feel better and fight burnout. Although that still remains a priority for us, we want to inspire women to start their own healing journeys, through whatever modality resonates with them. So we decided to share all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the last two years, and started our podcast ‘Woo Knew?’ to bring awareness to all of the incredible healing modalities available and give our community access to the wisdom those healers have to offer. And as our personal healing journeys move forward, we will continue to share our stories and newly acquired wisdom with our Daughters community, and strive to make the tools that have changed our lives for the better, accessible to all. 

I am beyond grateful for our community, and for all of the incredible gifts Daughters has brought to our lives. And I’m continually inspired by the healers we’ve been so privileged to meet on this journey. It’s been an honor to learn from them, to share their wisdom, and to hold space for others on their healing journeys. 

Ellen Wong, co-founder.

Daughter of immigrants. Breathwork guide. Truth-seeker.

“It is so scary to really know ourselves.”

I had scribbled this down messily while in the height of my first awakened psilocybin trip in early 2019. This simple truth has become the cornerstone of my personal mission: to help women fearlessly face the unknown of who they really are.