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integrative energy therapist

We are in relationship to everything in the Universe, the Seen and Unseen, whether we’re aware of it or not. I believe Integrative Energy Healing is about creating safe space to openly receive the wisdom and insight that comes from integrating our experiences in the world and healing our energy bodies. Through the process of learning to communicate with our bodies and work with our emotions, we’re able to deepen our relationships to everything that exists, both the seen and unseen. 

Healing is multi-dimensional and Integrative Energy Therapy allows us to open the channels and connections to heal across all dimensions. It brings us into alignment with our bodies, minds and spirits, so we can stand in our truths. And when that happens, we’re able to deepen the relationships with our loved ones, the world and energies around us, and to Source. 

These connections are where we learn, where we grow, where we evolve, and where we heal.

integrative energy therapy

What Does An Energy Healing Look Like?

As an Integrative Energy Therapist I use a combination of different energy modalities in my healing practice. I may receive channelled information through spirit guides, spirit animals, archangels, ascended masters, and I work with these energies regularly to facilitate my healing sessions. Frequencies used include Reiki, light codes, color frequencies, and angelic healing. I may also integrate healing sound frequencies to support and open the clients’ energy field as they receive. 

Though each session is unique and tailored to the clients’ specific needs and energy at the time of the session, they all include a Chakra Reading + Balancing, Customized Sound Healing Playlist, Oracle Reading and Integration Follow-Up.

Chakra Reading + Balancing

Before a session I use my clair gifts to tune into and assess a client’s energy, bring through insights, and take note of areas within the chakras or auric field that are ready to be healed. Each chakra is connected to physiological and emotional states, and I use this process to inform what areas we’ll be working on during the session and provide context for the Oracle Reading.

Sound Healing 

Each chakra is directly connected to specific frequencies and healing sounds. Based on the client’s chakra reading, I create customized sound healing playlists that support and open the energy centers that we’re healing in that session.

Oracle Reading

Each session is closed with an Oracle Reading where I channel healing information and receive context on what energies my clients will be working with as they continue to integrate and process the healing session. 

Integration Follow-Up

We often continue to receive insights in the week following an energy healing, and the most important work is done when we can integrate these insights in order to embody the highest versions of ourselves as we move forward. To help support this process, I follow up with my clients via email 5-7 days after a healing session to provide more information on how to support and nourish their bodies as their energy rebalances. I also include a more detailed recap on the clients’ Oracle Reading in this email, as I’ve found that many of my clients glean new insights when they revisit the reading after a few days of processing.


Energy Therapy for Babies & Children

We don’t finish developing our chakras and energy centers until we’re in our mid-late twenties, and until the energy centers are fully developed, we’re especially sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around us. And the younger we are, the more susceptible we are to picking up energies that don’t belong to us. Energy healing is a gentle, nourishing way to support and protect babies and children as they move through the world and experience new things. I often do shorter, 30 minute remote healing sessions for babies and children to help with sleep cycles, sensory overload, over-tired or anxious energy, emotional overwhelm and to ease times of transition and growth. 


Energy Therapy for Animals

Animals, like every living thing that exists in the Universe, have life-force energy within them. And just as humans do, animals experience emotional stress and overwhelm, physical ailments, dissonant frequencies and even pick up energies that don’t belong to them. Energy healing can help support our beloved animals just as it can for us, in fact they’re often even more receptive to the benefits. In the same way I work with babies and children, I do shorter 30 minute remote healing sessions to help ease discomfort from inflammation or physical ailments that their vets want to heal naturally. And I also work with them to help ease times of transition like moving to a new family, or welcoming a new family member into their homes. I also work with animals to clear their energy bodies to ease situations that can cause a lot of stress. For example, when their families are away on vacation, or they’re going to be somewhere unfamiliar for a short period of time.

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1:1 Sessions

I offer virtual 1:1 sessions that last approximately 2 hrs. The exchange for each session is $150 and includes a chakra reading/balancing, sound healing playlist, Oracle reading and integration follow up.

Remote Energy Healing for Babies + Children

I offer 30 minute remote healing sessions for babies and children. The exchange for each session is $88 and includes chakra reading/balancing, Spirit Animal reading and integration follow-up. I channel Spirit Animals when I work with children in lieu of Oracle readings as I find they offer deeper context to their energies and emotional experiences.

Remote Energy Healing for Animals

I offer 30 minute remote healing sessions for animals. The exchange for each session is $66 and includes the energy healing/balancing and an email/text check in to provide pet owners any updates following the session.

To book a session, please reach out to me on DM at @integratedembodiment on IG or email me at

Integrative Energy Therapist, Reiki Master Practitioner + Certified Channel

My journey to becoming an Integrative Energy Practitioner didn’t start the way many other healers' journeys did. I don’t have memories of seeing energy or spirits as a child, and I don’t recall being able to talk to animals or hear my guides. I didn’t find my path until I’d burned out in the corporate world and quit my job in digital marketing to co-create We Are All Daughters in 2018.

We wanted to create a self-care brand dedicated to helping other professional women manage stress and burnout, but beyond that we didn’t know what it would look like. During that time, I also needed to do a great deal of healing and find myself again. My body was frail, I was always sick and my legs were going numb. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted, but I’d finally had enough and it was time to make a change.

I started a daily meditation ritual, but after launching Daughters, Ellen inspired me to start exploring other healing modalities and Reiki happened to be one of the first. While I didn’t know what to expect, I was blown away by the light and the colors that opened up behind my eyelids and it inspired me to learn more.

Over the next several months I explored a multitude of other modalities, but never stopped researching and learning about energy. I studied theories in Quantum Physics and read anything I could find about the intersection of science and spirituality. I even started learning about Neuroscience and wanted to understand what happens to your mind and body during transcendent experiences. And that naturally led me to books and studies all about the benefits of working with Psilocybin and other psychedelics for treating memory loss, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and more. I was blown away by the breakthroughs in this field and had been working with the plant medicine on my own journey. Though I had microdosed before, I didn’t yet appreciated the power and wisdom that can come from creating rituals and setting intentions when working with the plant medicines. 

As Daughters continued to evolve, so did our healing. I was still working with plant medicine and doing my research when we were inspired to create the ‘Woo Knew?’ podcast as a way to share our experiences while exploring alternative healing modalities. One of the first interviews we did was with my Reiki teacher, and that’s when I was called back to energy therapy.

When I was practicing Reiki, I felt like I was more connected to my body than I’d ever been and it cracked me open. On my journey to becoming a Reiki Master I continued to learn about the energy body and studied techniques that helped me deepen my connection to the quantum field from within. I eventually decided to expand my practice beyond Reiki, and found teachers and healers who helped me learn how to integrate additional frequencies and new healing techniques.

As my connection to energy expanded, I was called to go deeper into my own healing and shadow work as part of my continued growth and evolution. Plant medicine has been an integral part of my journey since the beginning, and through the power of ritual and intention, I’m able to connect to their energy and learn from their wisdom as my practice continues to evolve and grow. I’ve received deep healing and expansion in working with psilocybin through both microdosing and macrodosing experiences. I’m eternally grateful to the plant medicine, and to all my teachers and healers for their continued wisdom, guidance and support as I move forward on this journey.

Energy therapy has brought so many gifts into my life, and it’s an honor for me to share the magic and power of this healing modality with others on their own journeys.