Integration is a necessary part of any psychedelic journey. Many believe the journey to be the point of the psychedelic experience, but it is the processing that occurs post-trip that allows real transformation to happen. Without this period of stillness and integration, you are not harnessing the full potential of your psychedelic experience.

Find an Integration Guide or Therapist, or attend an Integration Circle.

Spending time on your own reflecting on your experience will allow you to gain the most benefit from the medicine.

If you are interested in working with Ellen for post-journey integration, contact her at

We Are All Daughters. offers a FREE bi-weekly virtual support circle for all who are actively microdosing or interested in learning more about microdosing.

The intention for this circle is to...

  1. Connect to others who are exploring microdosing psychedelic medicines and share experiences in a safe container.
  2. Ask and explore questions around microdosing / macrodosing. All questions are valid.

This circle is for you if...

  1. You have never microdosed before and are curious about the practice.
  2. You have been actively microdosing and want to learn with and from others who are also doing their own exploration with psychedelic medicines.
  3. You have questions around your own experiences or want to hear about the experiences of others who are microdosing before you begin. 

This circle WILL NOT...

  1. Offer medical advice. If you have questions involving microdosing in conjunction with / to wean off SSRIs or anti-depressants, please seek the advice of your doctor.
  2. Be a marketplace for psychedelics. Please do not inquire or promote individuals/companies that sell psychedelic medicines.
  3. Inform where/how to purchase psychedelic medicines.