Macrodosing is taking a substantial amount of psychedelic medicine that will produce psychoactive effects, allowing the individual to “journey” into non-ordinary states of consciousness, in which they may have a peak experience that is transformative and healing.


Psilocybin Macrodosages

Half Trip (low) – 0.50 - 1 grams

Full Trip (medium) – 1-3 grams

Heroic Trip (high) – 3+ grams


What to Expect

Half Trip (Low Dose)

Subtle psychoactive effects. Enhanced senses + social activities. Somatic stimulation. 

Not advised for productive work days or in social settings requiring focus (see microdose). Recommended for hiking or music festivals.

Full Trip (Medium Dose) 

Visual enhancement. Synesthesia. Somatic high. Euphoria. Introspection. Increased sensory appreciation.

Recommended for solo/small groups in a relaxed environment. Deep conversation. Music festivals may be too intensely stimulating.

Heroic Trip (High Dose)

Intense psychoactive effects. Cognition + perception shifts. Spiritual + emotional breakthroughs. Profound insights. Ego death / Loss of self-identity. Inter-connectedness. Timelessness.

Recommended with the supervision and support of a trip sitter.


How to macrodose

Eat the whole mushroom(s).

Wash it down with lemon water to speed up onset time and increase potency.

Make a tea.

Chop up the mushrooms and steep in boiling water for 5 minutes. Add lemon to speed up onset time and slightly increase potency.


Eat lightly. Fats can interfere with the onset time.

Dose properly. Take at least 0.60g to begin with in order to experience psychoactive effects. If you wish to further stack the mushrooms to extend the trip, you can continue to do so after taking the initial low dose amount. Not taking enough in the first dosage will lead to frustration and a potentially harmful situation in which you over-dose your intended amount to force the onset. You may experience a later sudden psychoactive onset much more intensely than expected.

Take with citrus. We recommend lemon water or squeezing lemon into your tea.

Set your intention for the journey.

Always send gratitude to the mushrooms for their guidance and ask that they show you what you need to know.


prep your setting

Make it a Pre-Journey Ritual...
It’s important to have a comfortable, quiet, safe space to lay down and journey. Think of this as your container or womb. You will be able to let go and surrender into the journey more easily if you feel nurtured and safe. 

The ritual aspects of this are important, so make your space prep into your own ritual. Do what feels good to you. There are no rules. A few suggestions –

1. Light a candle

2. Prepare the mat/bed/couch where you will lie down. Surround it with comfortable blankets and pillows. 

3. Bring in crystals, images, tarot/oracle cards, objects that are protective and nurturing. These could represent your intention.

4. Burn some incense to bring in the elements of Fire, Air, Earth

5. Smudge some sage to clear the space of negative energy (always smudge while holding the intention of clearing negative energy within your heart)

6. Communicate your gratitude to the mushrooms for their guidance. Be creative with how you send thanks.


Prep your (mind)set

Setting Your Intention...

Spend some quiet time pre-journey thinking about what you want to receive from the experience. Here are some reflection prompts to help guide you:

1. Lately I have been feeling… (emotionally and physically within the body)

2. I want to show up in my life with more... (ie. With more compassion, more joy, deeper sense of freedom, surrender, etc.)

3. The shadows that I know I have been confronting recently are…

4. After the journey, I want to feel...

integration is key

Integration is a necessary part of any psychedelic journey. Many believe the journey to be the point of the psychedelic experience, but it is the processing that occurs post-trip that allows real transformation to happen. Without this period of stillness and integration, you are not harnessing the full potential of your psychedelic experience.


psychedelics disclaimer

We believe that plant medicine should be accessible and affordable to all, however until Psilocybin is legalized we hold this space to share and educate only. We do not provide or supply Psilocybin products, nor do we claim to be experts in the area of psychedelics. Anyone considering trying psychedelics should consult with their doctors prior to beginning a protocol or macrodosing. We cannot diagnose, cure, or treat any issues, physical or emotional, that may arise during a protocol or a macrodose, nor can We Are All Daughters be held liable if any issues should arise. Any information shared here cannot be used as a diagnosis, cure or prescription of any kind. Anyone in the We Are All Daughters community who chooses to work with psychedelics takes sole responsibility for their experiences, and doing so, agrees that they understand and take full responsibility for the risks and liabilities.