Integration is a necessary part of any psychedelic journey. Many believe the journey to be the point of the psychedelic experience, but it is the processing that occurs post-trip that allows real transformation to happen. Without this period of stillness and integration, you are not harnessing the full potential of your psychedelic experience.

Find an Integration Guide or Therapist, or attend an Integration Circle.

Spending time on your own reflecting on your experience will allow you to gain the most benefit from the medicine.

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Here are some integration journaling prompts to help support you during this important step –

  1. How do you FEEL about your experience, during and afterwards? List both good and challenging experiences.
  2. What memories, realizations and/or insights showed up, during and after the journey?
  3. What aspects of yourself were you shown? 
  4. What shadows or wounds showed up? What can you do to love these difficult aspects into your being, knowing that they are an essential part of who you are?
  5. What parts of yourself are you celebrating?
  6. What are you now grieving / letting go of?
  7. How has this experience impacted your relationships? What boundaries need to be redefined?
  8. How does your body feel now? Where is there tension or tightness? Where is there a loosening or opening up?
  9. What new steps are you taking in your life based on what you received in this journey?
  10. What is inspiring you now?