Ellen's Journey.

Each day, I continue to uncover truths about myself and what this life is about.

“It is so scary to really know ourselves.”

I had scribbled this down messily while in the height of my first intentional psilocybin journey in early 2019. This insight has become the cornerstone of my personal mission: to help others get curious and explore the depths of their being to embrace their Truth. To uncover the answers that are already inside of them. To reestablish a close friendship with their bodies – their unconscious minds. To reconnect to their Wildness – that original, primal aspect of their being that still communes intimately with Mother Earth and Nature, and understands their place among all beings, seen and unseen. To play with their Inner Children and receive their wisdom. To expand their consciousness and hearts and awaken to their divinity.

I began my journey to answer the question - “Who am I?” -  in April 2018 while in the midst of a transformative spiritual awakening, leaving my 15+ year career as an executive creative director in the tech marketing industry. At first, all I was seeking was relief in my own body. To simply feel better. That led Sam and me to begin investigating aromatherapy, creating Daughters and our first round of Ritual Boxes as the antidote to our burn-out.

Two years later, I now can see that Daughters was the path through which both of us needed to heal and discover our Truth and our gifts. I reconnected to my father’s spirit through a life-changing breathwork session in September 2018 that led me to become a certified breathwork guide in August 2019.

As I continued to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, I realized the divine timing of these events. Both Daughters and my breathwork practice have been incredible vehicles for me to show up and offer support in the uncertainty and tumult of 2020. I launched BreatheDTLA.com in June and have been offering virtual breathwork sessions. I have joined efforts with Sam, now a Reiki Master, to facilitate bimonthly healing circles every New and Full Moon.

Our collection of soothing soul-care tools has helped our community nurture their spirits and bodies, creating that much needed stillness and peace in their lives. And we have witnessed beautiful acts of love within our community through the gifting of Daughters self-care packages during the quarantine. It’s moved us beyond words.

Each day, I continue to uncover truths about myself and what this life is about. I am just so grateful that I get to do this work, to help anchor the light as we all awaken and expand together. What an honor it’s been. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Samantha Williams, co-founder.

Daughter of healers. Reiki Master. Dog-mom.

After a little more than 10 years in Digital Marketing, I made the decision to leave my career in pursuit of a better way of life fueled by passion and purpose. A decade of carrying the stress and anxiety of the corporate world weighed on me heavily and by the time I left, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.