Journey Work

Ellen Wong

Journey Guide

Journey work blasts us into Quantum spaces to access emotions, memories and belief patterns that often reside behind a locked door in our conscious waking states. 

Through our powerful imaginations, we can shift our energy, reprogram limiting thought patterns, receive wisdom and deep insight. We can regulate our bodies into safety, peace and calm. And it’s through this work that we can fully realize and embody the powerful creators that we each truly are.

WE create our own reality.

WE determine the lives we want to live.

The Spaceships 🚀

How do we journey?


There are many different types of breathwork that exist. The type of breathwork I am certified to guide is a transformational circular mouth-breathing technique most similar to the two-stage Pranayama technique. Take a deep breath through your mouth into your belly, feeling it inflate. Then roll that breath up to the heart-space and fill up the rest of your capacity. Then gently exhale through the mouth.

This activates the sympathetic nervous system, allowing stuck emotional energy (trauma) held within the fascia to slowly begin to lift up to the surface to be witnessed, felt and begin the process of release.

Music + Sound Healing

Every journey is set to a uniquely channeled playlist that I create prior to the session. I leverage a vast repertoire of genres – electronic/dance, hip-hop, classical, tribal, ambient – and blend them into a seamless sonic landscape that helps to propel and carry you as you blast off into these Quantum spaces.

I’m also trained in sound healing and will incorporate the healing tones of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, rattles, chimes, tuning forks and the Wave Drum into some of my sessions.

Psychedelic Plant Medicine

Psychedelic medicines have played a necessary role in my own personal exploration and healing work.

Currently, I offer BREATHE. CANNABIS circles bi-weekly in which I combine breathwork and the ceremonial imbibing of Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is a very nurturing, maternal guide that can shapeshift and take on characteristics of other psychedelic medicines.

Shamanic Journeying + Visualization

Shamanic journeying and visualization are synonymous. When we embark on a shamanic journey, we are guided by our imaginations to “see” and receive information that is deep within us. Carl Jung believed that we all inherited a memory bank of stored ancestral wisdom that we can access anytime and anywhere – the Collective Unconscious. 

When we journey, we can tap into that bank and access information through imagery, sound, physical sensations, emotions, smell. Everyone receives information differently, so this practice also helps us to know how we uniquely connect to the Universe, to our inner wisdom. 

Knowing that everything within our reality is energy, we can also connect to the consciousness and wisdom of all Beings in the Seen and Unseen – animal, plant, rock, elementals, our Guides, transitioned Loved Ones, Ancestors, Gaia, Angelic families, Galactic families, mythic creatures, and even concepts, like money or a project we are working on.

Let go of all expectations. Let go of the need to validate the “realness” of the experience. And trust that what you receive is intentionally meant for you in this now moment.

The Inner Child

Our Little Selves are our truest and most authentic selves. And most of us had to sacrifice our authenticity as we grew up in order to survive and to receive the love that we needed.

As we heal, we unlearn or reprogram all the ways in which we grew up to believe we were unworthy, unlovable, not good enough, broken and powerless. By working directly with our Little Selves, we become the Parent that can provide the attention, love, care, safety and security to our inner children that we lacked in our formative years, between 0-7 years of age, when the programming was first occurring.

I will call in our Little Selves to accompany us in each journey to reestablish that important relationship and bond.


Our Bodies love to express themselves through movement. Through movement, we can shake out excess energy as well as move energy throughout our vessels. When merged with visualization, we can quickly shift the energetic frequencies held within the body and experience profound transformation. We embody our joy, our freedom and sovereignty through freeform movement.

In some of my group journey work, I will incorporate movement as the final portion of the shamanic journey. I gently guide the group to slowly rise and to celebrate their connection with their Little Selves, Higher Selves, and those in the Unseen who love and guide them.

Work with Ellen

Private 1:1 Breathwork Sessions

I offer both virtual and in-person (Los Angeles / Idyllwild, CA) private 1:1 sessions.

These guided breathwork journeys are personalized to support you in working through trauma and limiting belief patterns. You will breathe and journey to a playlist channeled specifically for you. Each journey concludes with guided visualization work and/or movement. Please bring a journal + pen to write down your insights post-journey.

Contact to schedule your journey.

Energy Exchange

Inner Child Wisdom Reading + Breathwork journey (2-2.5h) = $222

Virtual/In-person Breathwork journey (1.5h) = $166

Breathwork Journey Package (3 sessions) = $477 ($21 discount)

Breathwork Journey Package (6 sessions) = $888 ($108 discount)

Virtual Breathwork + Cannabis journey (2-2.5h) = $222

In-person Breathwork + Cannabis journey* (3h) = $266

BREATHE CANNABIS Circles (Monthly)

I offer monthly opportunities to do group journey work within a brave circle through BREATHE. CANNABIS. (breathwork + Cannabis Sativa + music + sound healing). 

Inner Child Wisdom Readings

Your Inner Child knows your truth and what you need most.

In these readings, I connect with your Guides and your Little Self to receive wisdom and insight. Typically the insight comes through visions, thoughts, and somatic impressions.

Then I intuitively select a mix of 6-8 Tarot and Oracle decks to work with. The wisdom and insight coming through the cards support and expand upon what is received from your Little Self.

These readings are conducted prior to our meeting. I provide an image of the cards and notes with homework for you post-reading.

Contact to schedule your virtual reading.

Private Group Event Bookings

The benefits of journey work are vast. While it can be used as a powerful modality for releasing pain and trauma, it can also be used to connect to creativity and imagination for visioning work. 

Email for pricing and to discuss your group’s needs.

Certified Breathwork + Journey Guide

I am the co-creator of We Are All Daughters. and the Woo Knew? Podcast, as well as a Certified Breathwork and Quantum Journey Guide based in Downtown Los Angeles and Idyllwild, California.

In April 2018, I made the leap from my career as an executive creative director in digital marketing to co-create We Are All Daughters. The “Woo Knew?” Podcast launched in April 2019 and follows our transformational journeys as we explore the world of energetic healing.

That same month, I became a certified Breathwork guide. With a background in design and music, shamanic healing, and personal exploration into entheogenic plant medicines to reach non-ordinary states of consciousness, I create an energetic practice that merges breathwork, guided visualization/shamanic journeying, Cannabis Sativa and freeform movement. Through this journey work, I guide my circles to connect deeply to their Bodies, their Little Selves, and to vast Quantum realities where the subconscious can be reprogrammed and old traumas released from the energetic and physical body.

With my life practice and offerings, I acknowledge with gratitude the First Nations of the Tongva and Cahuilla, the Ancestors of the Lands upon which I reside, and my own ancestral lines extending to Taiwan and China.

Follow me on Instagram @tripwithellen and learn more about my journey work at