Golden Teacher

Potency: Mild

Effects: Euphoria. Spiritual. Emotional. Mental Clarity. Not as visually-simulating



Potency: Mild-to-Mid

Effects: Somatic relaxation. Creativity.


Mazatapec: Classic strain from the South of Mexico. Good for beginners.

Potency: Mid

Effects: Euphoric. Spiritual. Visual and cognitive enhancement. Creativity.


Avery: Descendant of the A+ strain.

Potency: Mid

Effects: Euphoric. Creativity. Relaxation. Intense visuals.


Albino Penis Envy

Potency: High

Effects: Euphoric. Highly somatic. 


Penis Envy

Potency: High

Effects: Quick onset. More mental than somatic.


Albino A+

Potency: High

Effects: Quick somatic high over mental.