We are all Daughters.

We set out to create We Are All Daughters. in late 2018 after burning out from our corporate careers. What we didn’t realize then was that Daughters was our invitation and vehicle to heal ourselves from years of self-neglect, disconnection from our bodies, and denial of our truths.

What began as a way to feel better became the start of our personal healing journeys. As we built Daughters, our meditation practices deepened. We started noticing synchronicities everywhere within our lives. We seemed to be divinely guided to different healing modalities and opportunities to work with therapists and healers through our work. Even the name of our brand, Daughters, was a gift delivered late one night by Spirit after weeks of toiling over pages of possible names.

What began as a mission to help womxn feel better and avoid burn-out became a much deeper awakening and expansion of consciousness for both of us. We were reconnecting to our intuitions, to our Higher Selves, to the unseen quantum world around us, to energy, and to our power, our wholeness and our sovereignty.

Daughters is devoted to helping womxn get curious, conscious and committed to self-healing. We have created a collection of handcrafted aromatherapy and therapeutic ritual "soul care tools" to help us all find the stillness and peace we need to connect to our bodies and inner wisdom.

We believe we all have the power to create the reality we want, and it begins with remembering who we are and connecting with our inner Truth. It begins with loving ourselves back into wholeness.

Samantha Williams, co-founder.

Daughter of healers. Reiki Master. Dog-mom.

"After a little more than 10 years in Digital Marketing, I made the decision to leave my career in pursuit of a better way of life fueled by passion and purpose. A decade of carrying the stress and anxiety of the corporate world weighed on me heavily and by the time I left, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore."


Ellen Wong, co-founder.

Daughter of immigrants. Breathwork Guide. Truth-seeker.

“It is so scary to really know ourselves.”

I had scribbled this down messily while in the height of my first intentional psilocybin journey in early 2019. This simple truth has become the cornerstone of my personal mission: to help others fearlessly face the unknown of who they really are.