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REST TEA Organic Herbal Tea

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Rest is something we ALL deserve. It is not earned. Restfulness is our natural state of being. It's a conscious decision to reject Hustle Culture and Burnout Culture. 

Our Organic Herbal Tea will support your body downshifting into a space of peace and restfulness where you can begin to reconnect to the quiet voice within that often gets drowned out by the demands of modern life. 

We formulated this with all bodies in mind. While we took great care in using herbs that are safe for pregnant women, please consult your doctor before consuming this tea.


100% Organic.

Chamomile Flowers. Peppermint Leaf. Milky Oat Tops. Lemon Balm. Nettle Leaf. Skullcap. Cornflowers. Linden Flower + Leaf.

Available in a 2oz net wt. 100% compostable bag.


Chamomile Flowers: Reduces anxiety + stress. Promotes restfulness.

Peppermint Leaf: Reduces anxiety + stress. Relaxes muscles.

Milky Oat Tops: Reduces pain. Balances hormone levels. Eases physical/mental exhaustion.

Lemon Balm: Reduces anxiety + stress. Eases insomnia. Promotes restfulness.

Nettle Leaf: Promotes mental calm + restfulness. Balances hormone levels.

Skullcap: Reduces stress + insomnia.

Cornflowers: Anti-inflammatory. Calms the nervous system.

Linden Flower + Leaf: Promotes relaxation.

Rest Tea Ritual: A Moment of Stillness + Peace...

Close your eyes. Sip Tea slowly.

Visualize peace entering your body with every sip.

Gently soften + let go.

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