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PURIFY IN PINK Therapeutic Bath Soak

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Salt baths are potent for detoxifying the body and cleansing the auric field. We recommend soaking in salt baths when your body and/or spirit are feeling heavy and fatigued.

We consciously formulated our Purify in Pink Bath Soak with Magnesium flakes, which are Magnesium Chloride (Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate).

Magnesium Chloride is better for topical applications:

  • More easily assimilated and bioavailable
  • Lasts longer within the body

Up to 75% of us might not be getting enough Magnesium. Here are some symptoms of Magnesium deficiency:

  • Muscle cramping or spasms
  • Persistent fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite or nausea
  • Heart incoherence and irregular heartbeat rhythm
  • Numbness


100% Organic.

Magnesium flakes. Dead Sea salt. Himalayan salt. Pink kaolin clay. Rose petals. Organic essential oil blend.

Available in a 16oz net wt. 100% compostable bag.



Reduces inflammation. Draws out toxins and heavy metals. Relieves stress and fatigue. Improves circulation. Balances electrolyte levels. Promotes deep rest and cell renewal. Moisturizes.


Purify in Pink Ritual: A Moment of Release...

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply into your belly.

Begin to soften...

Releasing all worries in the mind,

All tensions in the body.

Surrender to Water’s embrace.

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