Create. Bundle


Palo Santo and Smokey Quartz Bundle. Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from Peru.

Within each of us is an innate need to create our realities with the help of Source and those supporting us in the Unseen. We each have something unique to express to the world. We are given a set of life experiences that no one else on this Earth shares exactly.

Who we are is meant to be shared with others. Your voice is meant to be shared. How you see the world is meant to be shared. Our CREATE Bundle supports that Divine Self expression by clearing your energy and calling in your team in Spirit to support you.

What are YOU being called to bring forth for the good of the Collective?


Boosts mood and energy. Reduces anxiety and negativity. Stimulates creativity and emotional calm. Grounding.

CREATE Ritual: A Moment of Creative Expansion...

Breathe deeply in through the soles of your feet.

Smudge your surroundings + body with Palo Santo.

Hold the Smokey Quartz to your heart.


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