Lara, owner of FitProsLA, a training studio

“Exercise is the key to my balanced life — I don’t know life without it. And definitely having my own alone time where I can pause, stop and relax. It can be just simply laying or rollerskating by the beach or just driving on a freeway and listening to my favorite music or being at the house and give myself a spa time in my own bathroom.”

I’m a strong believer of gratitude and law of attraction. I always make sure I wake in a good mood even if there a lot of things that are going south in my life.

That helps me to program my mind for a better day. I always listen to a different educational audio track on my way to work and I change it up everyday. It can be fitness or business related or just simply something that can teach me something new. I start work at 6am everyday and I train on average 8–10 clients a day. I am blessed to say that I have a circle of great and amazing clients who make me be in love with what I do. I try to eat very clean everyday and get my workouts in sometimes in between clients or after. At night I just like to relax, which I learned how to do literally a year ago because I did not know how to relax. Now I’m trying to teach myself to meditate. If I can get that in my daily routine, I think my days will be almost complete.

Tell us about an older woman you really look up to in your life.

“My mother. I always admired her strength and confidence in her life and I definitely admired the way she raised us. We were happy kids and full of confidence.

She always let us be who we are and she never forced her opinions on us and let us figure out the ups and down by ourselves. I always tell her I want to raised my children just the way she raised me and my sister — happy and calm.

I’m obsessed with my daily vegetable juice, which I make at home (carrot, celery, beets, apple, ginger, kale, broccoli). My mother used this juice and she got me in to it since my teenage years. I believe it helps my internal health, my skin, my mood…basically, I just feel great on it.”

I feel blessed to say that I haven’t had extreme experiences of stress in my life till I was 33. In 2016, my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer, which was 6 months after I opened my own studio. We are a very close family so this had a very strong impact on me and my sister, specially taking care of my father through the treatments, which was everyday, almost 5–6 hours a day, and the stress of opening a new business and managing the business aspect of it was a little hard on me.

What I learned was how to manage my emotions better. As women, we tend to overthink everything so I learned how to teach myself to manage my thoughts, and believe and learn that everything is figure-out-able.

“A fulfilled life for me is to be able to reach your own personal goals and be happy with yourself and who you are, and being able to spend beautiful time with your loved ones and enjoy them. I think at this point in my life I did accomplish that. I worked really hard since I came to the US to get where I am now and I think now it’s time for me to just enjoy it.”

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